15 things that make me happy !

Thank you a-girl-from-malta for tagging me :)

1- a walk out in the morning

2- reading Quraan in a comfortable and quite corner where there’s nobody around

3- To know Allah more

4- communicating with people from other cultures

5- Cakes!

6- a good novel

7- waking up early while everyone are still asleep

8- my little brother

9- breezy evenings by the beach

10- when a child smiles at me

11- when I make someone happy

12- when I do my best at something

13- when i try a new food recipe and it comes out as I wanted it

14- when I find my favorite books on the bookstore shelves and I just want to buy them million times more

15- when I’m in a muslim community and everybody is like family.

I tag illuminatetheskyyy saraab-otaku hazarcim recovery-through-islam

List 10 random facts about you and pass it on to your followers.

Thank Youu illuminatetheskyyy for the tag (it’s been ages tho lol)
1- I like to read historical fiction.
2- I used to be an otaku.
3- I’m a terrible writer but I still do it
4- I’m a former artist (really I’m nothing right now)
5- I hate to be obsessed with anything it just tires me out
6- I love collecting bookmarks
7- I do nothing to my eyebrows and that annoys my mom sometimes (I love them the way they are)
9- Horror movies are not for me
10- my favorite color right now is turquoise ♥️
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With love♥️